Did you miss me? I missed you too. Yes, both of you!

Fantasy Football Draft

My brother and Mr. HalfFull drafted a San Diego Chargers player, so of course the jerseys came out for additional shenanigans. Too bad you can’t see Mr. HalfFull’s ridiculous championship ring in this photo. The commissioner wears three massive rings, so don’t start a fight with him during the draft!

Realistically, I knew I hadn’t blogged here in quite a while. But it really hit home last weekend before Mr. HalfFull’s Fantasy Football Draft.

He and his crazy friends do a live draft every year. One year, three of the guys (and some wives, including me) flew to Indiana for the draft!

But this year, the draft was at our house. Before the appointed draft time, I went out to dinner with the guys (and then disappeared until the following morning to spare my sensibilities). As we were chatting and catching up over dinner, my husband’s friend said that he reads my blog…or rather, he used to read it when I posted. Woah!

Two things struck me during this conversation. First, on the half full side, it’s awesome to have a third reader! Now I can address my readers as “all of you” instead of “both of you.” The second overwhelming feeling was embarrassment at my dearth of blog posts.

Posting Apathy

Why haven’t I posted more regularly? Well, there are lots of reasons.

1) Schedule

I don’t like posting on an arbitrary schedule. I know most bloggers say you should, but this is supposed to be fun. I think it would be less fun if I imposed deadlines on myself for no good reason and felt forced to produce content when I wasn’t inspired.

I used to blog for a magazine that wanted content all the time, even if there wasn’t a good story. It was a business decision since most of the revenue was from advertising. So our job was to keep readers coming back to the site to read new content and be exposed to new ads throughout the day.

I didn’t want to do that here. I want my content to come to me organically on its own schedule. How’s that for living my way into the answer?!

2) Summer Break

Another reason I haven’t been very prolific is because it’s summer break. Since Mr. HalfFull is a teacher, he’s been home all summer, slowing me down!

No, that’s not it at all. I’ve enjoyed spending time with him while he’s not exhausted from teaching, coaching, and grad school.

I signed Mr. HalfFull up for a summer membership at my gym where we took group fitness classes together almost daily. He wasn’t sure he would like all the classes I picked. But by the end of the summer, he wanted to do a brutal cycle class and weight training class back-to-back!

We had some fun adventures this summer. We spent a lot of time riding our coasting bicycles. We rode around town and took the bike path in both directions to explore new restaurants and revisit old favorites.

Orange Triumph Motorcycle

This is Mr. HalfFull’s current motorcycle. His previous two were red, so of course he needed all new gear to match his orange Triumph.

We also spent some time on our motorcycles and discovered the deliciousness of the Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton, VA. We had some gorgeous weather this summer that didn’t make riding with all our gear so oppressive.

We took a trip to PA to celebrate birthdays on Mr. HalfFull’s side of the family. While there, Mr. HalfFull spent a lot of time racing children down water slides. I also allowed myself to be battered on water slides. But for further abuse, I resurrected my list of forward dives from Varsity Dive Team in high school. (This pool did not allow any backward dives, which is probably good since one of those helped me smack my face on the board in high school.) Much soreness ensued for days later. I’m not in high school anymore!

While we were home, we watched five seasons of Mad Men. It became our evening ritual until we ran out of episodes.

The amount of liquor consumed on Mad Men inspired Mr. HalfFull to start me on Bourbon Training. This began with a midday bicycle ride to lunch where I was initiated to the world of bourbon with two-ingredient mixed cocktails. Three cocktails were sampled that day; more cocktails followed in the subsequent days; and by the end, I was drinking bourbon on the rocks.

3) Clients

I also had paying clients this summer. So it took time to blog (on a regular schedule!) and design for them. I got to do some fun projects and others that tested my patience.

4) Hacked
Hacked Artwork

Keep your hacks off my work! (Ophelia Noor/flickr.com)

But probably the biggest reason why I didn’t blog as much is because my site got hacked. This was especially maddening because this is small-time personal blog without advertising revenue. Why would they target me?

It was a sneaky hack that was not visible on any of my pages or in my interface. It was only visible to search engines, so it took me a while to discover it. The nature of the hack also made it difficult to know if my site was clean, since I don’t have control over when search engines reindex my site.

Once I found it, I spent a lot of time trying to pinpoint it and clean my site. I changed passwords to my interface, hosting account, and database. I looked for strange entries in the database and code. I read articles about known hacks. It was time-consuming and frustrating, making me wonder if blogging was worth it.

I asked Google to reindex my site and it looks good to me now. But if you happen to see anything strange (generally ads related to pharmaceuticals, loans, etc.) please let me know via comment or through my contact form.


So I’m back!  Well, I’m back…for now.

I can’t tell you when my next post will be. But you’re all subscribers, right? So you’ll get my next post whenever it comes.

  • Are you a fantasy football fan?
  • If you produce content (blog posts, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc.) for pleasure, do you feel compelled to follow a schedule or create when you feel inspired?
  • How did you spend your summer?
  • What shows have inspired you to pack multiple seasons into a short period of time?
  • Has your site ever been hacked? How did it happen? How did you fix it? What precautions are you using now?

Ms. HalfEmpty is a 30-something introverted realist, perhaps a pessimist. But she’s trying to see the world half full on halfempty4now.com, which she started in February 2011. Her worldview may not be all bad, as it probably helps keep her husband, Mr. HalfFull, grounded and out of trouble!