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The 100 Year Plan

I’m not the type of person who creates annual goals.  I don’t have a 10 year plan, or even a 5 year plan.  How could I possibly have one when I’m still waiting for my vision?

But Mr. HalfFull has a 100 year plan.  He wants to live to age 100, and be featured on a Smucker’s jar.

That seems like a ridiculously long life to me.  I have no desire to live to 100.  I can’t imagine having much quality of life at that age.

Regardless of how many years Mr. HalfFull and I get under our belts, I want to be the first to go.  I constantly remind him of our pact to let me die first.  But this is the most unlikely of all scenarios.  First of all, women generally live longer than men.  Secondly, he’s already 10 years older than me.  Finally, if you add in family health history, the odds are stacked against Mr. HalfFull.

So those three factors of female longevity, age, and family history are immutable.  But there are things we can change, namely how we live our lives today.  Yet, it seems I’m screwing that up too!

Last week, I told you about how I’m getting lots of exercise and sleep.  On the other hand, Mr. HalfFull wakes up early, works long hours, goes to bed late, and doesn’t have a regular exercise routine.  This formula doesn’t seem to be working out right at all.

Fiona & Shrek

Back before we were an old married couple, we used to dress up for Halloween. In 2008, we went as Fiona & Shrek.

Last week was Halloween.  We never get trick-or-treaters, so I stopped buying Halloween candy years ago in an effort to save me from eating it all.  So I had absolutely no candy on Halloween, which felt strange.  Instead, I inadvertently exercised for 3 hours.  (My days were all confused after fitness classes were cancelled for 2 days during Hurricane Sandy.)

What did Mr. HalfFull do on Halloween?  As a high school teacher, he was surrounded by kids and candy.  He consumed sugar all day long!  After the kids went home, he sat in his office writing a grad school paper and then headed directly to class.  He returned home after 10 PM.  Does this sound like the relaxed, healthful life of a man about to live to 100?

I’m eating well and exercising, while Mr. HalfFull is working long hours and barely has time to sleep.  I don’t think my plan is going to work out at all!  Perhaps I need some more risky behaviors to tip the scales back in my favor.

Motorcycle on Skyline Drive

Yes, I agree that riding in the fog is probably not the safest.

My parents would argue that riding a motorcycle is far too dangerous.  But I generally ride with Mr. HalfFull and we are both brightly colored, me in red and him in Buddha orange.  Of course, anything can happen at any time, but I think we try to be especially safety conscious on our motorcycles.

Maybe I need to take up smoking.  Or perhaps I could become a potato chip aficionado.  Plus, I could start daily training for pie and hot dog eating contests!  (Too bad I don’t like hot dogs.)

I guess need to reassess my new healthful life…

  • How many years do you want to live?
  • How much Halloween candy did you consume?
  • What life shortening habits should I take up?

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No Needles for Me!

Part of the planning for international travel includes vaccinations.  For the areas of our trip, we need routine immunizations, Hepatitis A & B, and Typhoid.  Fortunately, most of these are readily available at primary care doctors’ offices.  However, Typhoid is not.  Typhoid vaccinations are generally only available at international travel clinics, which typically do not take insurance.

Geographic Distribution of Typhoid

Yesterday, Mr. HalfFull and I were all set to get our Typhoid injections at our public county clinic.  (Apparently we didn’t look like their normal clientele because when I said I had an appointment, they immediately asked if it was for international travel.) I’m never excited about needles and when I got my Heptatitis A and Tdap (Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis) vaccines earlier this year, I had sore arms for a week!  So I was not looking forward to that experience again.

Since the county clinic does not take insurance, they provide you with a price list when you arrive.  We looked it over while waiting to be seen and noticed that the Typhoid oral vaccine was less expensive than the Typhoid injection, plus it provided longer protection.  Let’s compare the methods…

Typhoid Pills

Typhoid Pills

Oral Injection
Cost $32 $45 injectable + $21 vaccine administration = $66
Method 4 pills needle!!!
Protection Period 5 years 2 years

To me, it seemed like a no brainer to get the pills instead of the shot.  Of course certain people cannot take the oral vaccine (under 6 years old, weak immune system, etc.) and there are specific instructions on taking the pill (every other day, empty stomach, etc.).  But as long as you can follow instructions, the oral immunization wins out in my book!

Our trip to the clinic turned out to be half full — no needles, $34/person savings, and protection for a future trip in the next 5 years.

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