Ms. HalfEmpty

Sometimes you don’t need a cheerleader; you need a realist with a non-biased outsider’s perspective. I offer a variety of services to help you in life or business. I am located in Northern Virginia, but can also work with you virtually.

I graduated summa cum laude from the College of William & Mary with a degree in computer science, and have worked in technical roles for a number of years.  I also taught Java for Sun Microsystems, so I know how to guide and empower people to learn technical skills.  Later in my career, I was a consultant for IBM working to customize Watson (the super computer that famously beat human Jeopardy! champions) for a client.

I have been employed by small and large companies, and am familiar with a range of environments.  I’ve even experienced three acquisitions.

Many of my interests lie in the artistic realm, leading me to volunteer with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and the Michael Weiss Foundation, among others.  In addition, I am actively involved in two community governance associations.  Through these organizations and my professional experience, I have learned a variety of lessons in perspective, consensus, compromise, and communication.

Engage me and my unique analytic and artistic skill set to solve your pressing needs.

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