Ms. HalfEmpty and Mr. HalfFull visited 8 countries as they traveled west around the world for 10 weeks.  In case you missed a post on the 30/40 World Tour, they are all listed here for your reference:



Ms. HalfEmpty & Mr. HalfFull ready to embark on the 30/40 World Tour


Departure (June 7, 2011)

  • America? — thoughts about the airport

Fiji (June 9-16, 2011)

Marlborough Sound

Marlborough Sound in the South Island (New Zealand)

New Zealand (June 16-July 5, 2011)

New Caledonia (July 5-10, 2011)

Kangaroo & Emu Crossing

Ms. HalfEmpty & Mr. HalfFull pose with the quintessential Australian road sign

Australia (July 10-20, 2011)

Mauritius (July 20-27, 2011)

United Arab Emirates (July 28-29, 2011)

Germany (July 29-August 1, 2011)

Spain (August 1-15, 2011)

Poble Espanyol

El Poble Espanyol in Barcelona

Latte Art in Melbourne

Ms. HalfEmpty enjoyed coffee all the way around the world!

Country Combo

Return & Reflection