Recently, Mr. HalfFull and I attended a party where we met a med student from Philly. She started telling us about her psych rotation and how she and her classmates were instructed to offer angry people food as a first resort. The reasoning was that sometimes people are just angry because they’re hungry. In other words, they’re hangry.

hangry girl

When I pulled up this photo, Mr. HalfFull said, “That looks just like you!” (meganjo/

Hangry? I’d never heard this word before, but it’s a perfect mashup of hungry and angry.

Later as we drove away, Mr. HalfFull remarked that hangry is one of my common states. He’s come to realize that sometimes my irritable moods mean that my blood sugar is low, and I need to eat. So he feeds me before resuming the conversation. Clever man!

After hearing the word hangry from the med student, I thought it was a cool new word used in psych wards. But I didn’t realize it’s just part of the normal vernacular until I started hearing it everywhere. Perhaps I previously thought that people were just pronouncing hungry in an odd way. Boy was I late to this party!

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