No, this isn't warning Virginia residents that we are back in town; it was an earthquake!  I felt like I was balancing on a surfboard in huge waves as I heard things falling and clattering around me.

Dearest Readers (yes, both of you), apologies for our month of radio silence.  Mr. HalfFull and I are alive and a little more half full, having safely returned from our 30/40 World Tour over a week ago.  We arrived just in time for the first earthquake I’ve ever felt, and now a “once in a lifetime” hurricane to come!  Awesome.

You may have wondered why you’ve only read about our adventures in Fiji and New Zealand since we advertised that we would be visiting eight countries on a trip west around the world.  Fear not!  We will be telling you stories from our full trip in due time.  Perhaps our posts will be even better now that we’ll have the benefit of time for reflection.

Kohimarama, New Zealand

Ms. HalfEmpty gets internet time on her makeshift duffel bag desk in Kohimarama, New Zealand

Why we were such blogging slackers?  Bottom line, consistent posting turned out to be much more difficult than expected.  As I mentioned, internet access was limited.  On top of that, being on the move and changing accommodations (nightly, at times) made it imperative to book rooms and pay bills when we were able to get online.  Sadly for you (and my Mom), email and blogging came in low on our travel priorities list, thus falling by the wayside.

But on a half full note, we are back home with many stories to tell!  Stay tuned…

Ms. HalfEmpty is a 30-something introverted realist, perhaps a pessimist. But she’s trying to see the world half full on, which she started in February 2011. Her worldview may not be all bad, as it probably helps keep her husband, Mr. HalfFull, grounded and out of trouble!

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