Snow Covered Trees

Snow delicately outlining the tree limbs (Philip Halling/

Did you groan as you read that title? If you experienced a long winter with the polar vortex and repeated snow days, perhaps you did. I’ve heard nothing but complaints about this winter in the DC area.

But I may be one of the few people who wasn’t bothered. I actually found the snowfall beautiful. I love to see the winter wonderland effect of snow outlining each tree limb and tiny branch. Ah, the delicate elegance.

Part of the reason I feel this way is because winter didn’t create extra manual labor in my life. I don’t have to plow or shovel since it’s part of my usual monthly fees.

But unbelievably, I don’t think I even removed my ice scraper/snow brush from my trunk! You may be wondering how that’s possible with the amount and frequency of snow this year.

I work from home where I park in a garage. I also park in a garage at my gym, so my car didn’t have much opportunity to be outside. Plus, since Mr. HalfFull is a teacher, he spent a lot of snow days at home with me. His car is much more practical in the snow than my sporty rear-wheel drive, so his got more use.

It was nice to spend extra time with Mr. HalfFull on snow days. He would even cook lunch for me! I finally had company in the “office” during the day and could ask my “intern” to fetch me coffee. Ha! Mr. HalfFull and I even started a new 2-hour delay tradition of going to the gym together at 6 AM, walking to breakfast nearby, and then finishing with a stop at our new favorite coffee bar.

Ms. HalfEmpty Skis Widowmaker

Ms. HalfEmpty hit in the slopes in Snowshoe, WV

In March, when the rest of the area was fed up with snow, we took another ski vacation during Mr. HalfFull’s spring break. We even got 10 inches of powder in West Virginia! It was unbelievable spring snowfall for the East Coast.

But if you still want snow today, I hear Colorado is the place to be. Our 80°F+ degree day here is a pretty clear indication that our days of snow are over. Although, Denver had temperatures in the 70s recently; so never say never.

Ms. HalfEmpty Sledding as a Child

Ms. HalfEmpty sledding without a hat as a kid. Notice the cool color-change gloves; you know it was cold because the hearts are red and so are my cheeks!

Perhaps my love of snow stems from my early childhood in Wisconsin. As a toddler, the snow was often up to my waist, but according to my mom, I loved it. She would bundle me and my brother up in snowsuits, hats, gloves…the works, but I would discard each unnecessary layer keeping me from fully experiencing the snow.

I realize that snow is different as an adult. We are often legally obligated to clear sidewalks and remove snow from our cars. Snow no longer means a day off, just more work and a slower commute. But we have the power to frame it any way we like.

At the end of each BODYFLOW class I teach, I leave my class with a message or hope for the future. One March Sunday, I wished them a fun snow day on Monday, and a unanimous groan sounded through the studio. Then I told them that they could think of me enjoying the snow on the ski slopes and a few smiles broke out along with wishes for a fun trip.

So it’s all how you approach it. Your arduous day of shoveling might be an amazing ski day for a friend. Our winter wasn’t really that bad, was it?

  • Do you find beauty in snow?
  • Do you enjoy snow as an adult?
  • Were you frustrated by this winter?
  • How did the snow and icy temperatures change your daily routine?

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